Year 2018-2019
Challenge Deep Space

Captain - Everett Kroll
Assistant Captain - Ben Abbott
Mechanical Lead - Everett Kroll
Programming Lead - Ben Abbott
Marketing Lead - Mark Sinyigaya
CAD Lead - Carter Smith
Logistics Lead - Sarah Symalla


Fun fact! Semifinalists at the 10,000 Lakes Regional Competition. This is the first team to do this in Armada history! Another fun fact! First year any Armada team has competeted at two regional competitions. Armada competed at the Great Northern Regional Competition in North Dakota and the 10,000 Lakes Regional Competition in Minnesota.

Year 2017-2018
Challenge Power Up

Captain - Everett Kroll
Mechanical Lead - Everett Kroll
Programming Lead - Steve Franklin
Marketing Lead - Sarah Symalla
Logistics Lead - Sarah Symalla


Fun fact! We have been a team for a decade.

Year 2016-2017
Challenge FIRST Steamworks

Captain: Alex Serier
Junior Captain (Organization): Sophie Oubaha
Officer (Build): Ryan Purrington
Build Team Lead: Marta

Year 2015-2016
Challenge FIRST Stronghold

Captain (Build): Ace Oubaha
Captain (Organization): Gina Jostes
Captain (Programming): Patrick Balfanz
Junior Captain: Alex Serier
Safety Captain: Emma Klinzing

Year 2014-2015
Challenge Recycle Rush

Captain: Joey Fedor
Officer (Secretary): Peace Sinyigaya
Officer (Communication): Margo Redmond
Officer (Build): Kyle Badger
Junior Captain: Ace Oubaha
Safety Captain: James Vandenbergh


Fun fact! This is the largest team Armada has ever had with a total of 59 students!

Year 2013-2014
Challenge Aerial Assist

Captain: Holly Newton
Junior Captain: Joey Fedor
Secretary/Inventory Lead: Peace Sinyigaya
Treasurer/Communications: Margo Redmond
Robot Design: David Lee
Electronics: Cory Spawn
Robot Programming: Kyle Badger
Website Programming: Mitchell Pung
Build Team: Evan Nowaczek/Ben Anderson
Safety Captain: James VandenBergh


Fun fact! We ranked 7th at the Aerial Assist competition.

Year 2012-2013
Challenge Ultimate Ascent

Captain: Christopher Trom
Assistant Captain: Alex Mereza
Quality Assurance: Kyle Badger
Sponsorships: Christopher Trom
Fabirication Captain: Alex Mereza
Website Captain: Mitchell Pung
Programming Captain: Julian Nowaczek
Art/Design Captain: Ayla Rubenstien
Electrical Captain: Cory Spawn

Year 2011-2012
Challenge Rebound Rumble

Captain: Jimmy Fedor


Fun fact! We went to state for the first time with this team and won!

Year 2010-2011
Challenge Logomotion

Captain: Sean Quinn

Year 2009-2010
Challenge Breakaway

Captain: Sean Quinn

Year 2008-2009
Challenge Lunacy

Captain: Ben Johnson

Year 2007-2008
Challenge Overdrive

Captain: Jeff Schumacher


Fun fact! Armada Robotics was originally called, "The Widgets".